Loxton Santas Workshop
Loxton Santas Workshop

Santa’s Workshop, located in Kokoda Terrace Loxton is a hive of activity throughout each year as volunteers set about creating garden scenes and street decorations in preparation for the next Award Winning Loxton Christmas Lights Festival.

A team of volunteer painters spend 2 or more mornings at the workshop each week from mid April until mid October. Many new paintings are created each year.

New scenes to be displayed throughout Santa’s Walk are selected from a vast collection of Christmas Cards. Using an art projector the cards are projected and drawn in detail onto craft board ready for cutting out and painting. The scenes are then filled in using water-based acrylic paint and sealed ready for delivery to residents in Santa’s Walk.

 Other activities undertaken at the workshop include: creating bells, stars and candles to be displayed throughout East Terrace, adding tinsel to decorations to be displayed on street poles, installing lights on items such as the pelicans displayed in Heritage Park and repairing and repainting damaged items.